Organic Diet Plan

Here are the rules I will be abiding by, yes they may seem difficult but I am a very dedicated person.

1. My diet will be 95% organic. I chose this number based on the USDA’s law that  all foods bearing their seal must be at least 95% organic.

2. Meat will be allowed three times a week and it must be cage-free, grass-fed, ect. Reducing meat intake helps the environment because it reduces energy costs of producing the meat.

3. I will incorporate at least one raw food item a day.

4. Exercise twice a week.

5. Every brand that I am buying from and supporting will be researched to find possible flaws.

6. Very little processed food. (organic tortilla chips ect).

7. No restaurants unless it uses organic and local ingredients.

8. No imitation food. (corn/tofu chicken nuggets, fake crab meat)

9. Absolutely nothing genetically modified.

My goals are to improve my well-being through doing this and to educate myself on organic brands. This will begin on Friday, October 1st.

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