Easing into the plan.

Today for breakfast I had an all organic meal. An organic pluot from the United States, although the sticker did not say where and a spelt bread peanut butter and raspberry jelly sandwich, all of which was organic. Spelt has a higher protein content and more b vitamins than wheat. I purchased the Whole Foods brand and later saw that this bread also has wheat flour mixed in. So I am unsure of how much more healthy this is compared to wheat. The jelly was Giant’s Nature’s Promise brand. All of their products are not organic so watch out! They seem to try to trick customers. The peanut butter was Safeway’s O Organics brand. It is certified organic by Quality Assurance International. Overall I was satisfied with this breakfast.

“The commercial giants are rapidly buying up the organic labels that consumers of natural foods have come to trust. The giants often continue to contract with the smaller farms but they simply lower the prices they are willing to pay the farmers for their products, keep the price to the consumers, maintain the price for the consumer and pocket profits.” – Organic Consumers Association, Paul Tick.

This is very believable therefore I am going to make an effort to buy from the smaller brands even if they are a few dollars more in price.

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