Day one !

Breakfast: 2 Vans blueberry waffles and one apple. Vans waffle brand is not an all organic food line but they do have some organic choices and even vegan ones. I used Shady Maple syrup which is of the Canadian Citadelle brand. Citadelle does not have anything promoting the environment on their web page but they do try to market their syrups as healthy. Apparently maple syrup “contains healthy minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium. The apple is Viva Tierra brand, a company which uses solar power and biodegradable plastic for apple bags. They also seem to strive to reduce paper use by using cloth towels in the kitchen and bathrooms and handing out more papers electronically.  Fruits from this brand are produced in the United States, Canada, Chile, and Argentina. For lunch I had another peanut butter and jelly toast like the other morning. I walked to The Health Concern and bought Bionaturae brand strawberry nectar and jelly. The Health Concern is a small family owned store with many organic products, local organic products, and natural beauty products. I liked the store and even picked up an application. Bionaturae products use fruit harvested from Italy. All of their products are organic except for their gluten-free line. Products are made in Italy so the amount of gas it takes to bring Bionaturae to the United States is high.Today was interesting. Not being able to get my regular pastry from Starbucks was difficult. Once you get into a routine it can be difficult to break it. But I think that every day it will be easier especially when I start seeing changes in my health. For dinner I made barbeque chicken tortilla pizzas. The chicken was Whole Foods brand. Whole Foods claims that their chicken has :

  • “No antibiotics — ever
  • No animal byproducts in feed
  • No beak trimming for broiler chickens and game hens
  • Appropriate beak trimming for turkeys allowed when necessary
  • Appropriate litter provided for comfort and to satisfy natural foraging instincts”

This was taken directly from the site. This information does make me feel better about eating the chicken but there was no information on whether the chicken was caged or allowed to walk freely. Even if it did claim to be free range the regulations on free range poultry are poor. The government allows free range to mean five minutes of outdoor activity. This does not even have to be grass. It could be a gravel area where chickens can not forage. The only way to be sure that the chickens are free range is to go visit a farm. I hope to do that soon.

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