About 80% of food at the average grocery store is GM

This is frightening! New allergies are on the rise. Last year my Accounting teacher told me that her daughter could not eat fruit… I said well that is very odd I haven’t heard of that yet. Well because it is new. Caused by either genetically modified fruits or pesticides the poor girl can not eat any fruit unless it is organic without breaking out and itching. Aside from that, this morning I enjoyed my cinnamon bun from the Immaculate Baking Company. No it was not as good tasting as the one at Starbucks in my opinion. This was disappointing. They didn’t seem to rise in the oven. But when I asked for coupons from them they mailed me coupons to get free items and even a cute little card from a folk artist Jimmy Lee Sudduth. He used mud, soot and charcoal to paint the pretty picture of a man riding a bike for my card. To support these artists is nice but I wish the company would go organic. They have also baked the world’s biggest cookie. I guess that is cool.. maybe not. They seem to be more about the community than the environment which is not what I was looking for.


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