Interesting trip home

I realize that some people do not agree with what I am doing, but some people are so against it. I find it strange that my family was actually offended that I am eating all organic foods. Upon arriving home I had to go to the grocery store since there was absolutely nothing at my parents home that I could eat. The only organic items were grape juice and tomato paste. This is very different from my house where everything of mine but my sea salt is organic. Above is the dinner I made tonight. I have found that it is very easy to make a vegetarian and organic dinner by making breakfast for dinner. Not everyone likes tofu or other common vegetarian dinner items like beans, but most people like breakfast. I made Belgian waffles with a strawberry syrup and macerated bananas. It was so delicious I completely forgot about the normal meat dinner. The berries used were Cascadian Farms brand. Cascadian Farms is owned by General Mills a not-so-green company. I was unable to find ties to the General Mills company on the Cascadian Farms website or on the bag of fruit. Understandably they do not want consumers to know that they are part of the big bad General Mills family. The same family of which GMO containing Bisquick and Yoplait is a part of. It is unfortunate because Cascadian Farms is actually one of the first organic brands.

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