A study of two complete opposites

A few days ago I went to Zias Cafe and raw juice bar. My order was a chicken salad wrap, organic gummy bears, and a tropical smoothie. The server told me that the chicken was all antibiotic free and even free range. ” Our mission at Zia’s is to provide you with a healthy, delicious, quick choice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We use organic, antibiotic-free, and hormone-free meats, poultry, and dairy. We use organic produce and locally produced ingredients when available. Our foods do not contain white flour or refined sugar.” This was on the site and makes me feel good about supporting them with the 15 dollars it cost me to have lunch here. Expensive.. yes but I felt that it was worth it. There was even a clean energy poster with windmills up in the restaurant. I doubt that they had much air conditioning in there.. it was a bit hot but hey that saves energy. Next time I plan to test out their juice bar. They’ve got fresh wheatgrass growing in a pan which they snip off as needed and juice it. Now for the complete and horrible opposite.. two days after this glory I decided to use the twenty five dollar gift certificate for AppleBees that I won at a Towson University event. I was not actually planning to use it until after my project but I decided it would be a nice way to compare. I spent the entire gift card buying a “half” chicken caesar salad, chicken wings, some sort of molten chocolate cake, and a chocolate chip cookie topped with ice cream and fudge. I had a few friends with me so no I did not stuff myself with this garbage alone. Even the waiter said “wow you guys aren’t messing around”. That was funny. AppleBees is not promoting any sort of antibiotic free chicken or environmentally friendly action. Later that night I had horrible stomach cramps and a migraine. Possibly this was from the huge amounts of genetically modified food I likely consumed. I would never know because of course they are not listing ingredients.

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