Cal-Organic Farms

Starting as a roadside stand, this company is now one of the largest organic producers.  Headquarters are located in California where I suppose the green onions I bought from their company come from. On the small piece of paper connected to my green onions is a statement saying what organic means to Cal-Organic. “Organic refers to the way our products are grown and processed. The operating philosophy of Cal-Organic is based on a system of farming that works to maintain and replenish soil fertility without the use of synthetic and toxic chemicals. Pests and weeds are managed using earth-friendly means such as beneficial insects and mechanical controls. Cal-Organic produce is never genetically engineered or modified and is never irradiated.” The fact that it is never irradiated is great, because some organics are. Irradiation improves a product’s shelf life.  Toxic chemicals such as toluene and benzene are used in the process. Benzene has been linked to leukemia and reproductive harm. Exposure to toluene can cause nervous system and possible kidney damage. However it has not been linked to cancer. It has been proven that irradiation does no more for food safety than proper cooking does. Therefore I render it useless and harmful to society. I have not been able to find any “bad news” on this company. Although it is large it seems to have everything together. I found that wages for field workers on organic farms are often higher than wages on conventional farms.

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One Response to Cal-Organic Farms

  1. paul says:

    If they are indeed caring for the soil, then they are following the old spirit of ‘organic’. Nowadays, not all organic farms or methods do so.
    what’s wrong with irradiation?

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