Tazo tea

This morning I tried Tazo brand organic chai black tea. It  was a decent chai, however I would not pay for it again. Online Tazo says to have partnered with Starbucks, a very reputable business as we all know…. and how they work with a program to help improve the lives of people living in Darjeeling, India. They have also begun using energy derived from windmills. It is possible for a “big brand” to retain socially conscious values depending on what the brand’s values are.  If the brand is dedicated to it’s customers, then they will use the large sums of money they make to invest in products and company values that will please the customer. However, if the brand is only producing for profit, then they are going to find the cheap way to please it’s customers. Two hundred years ago there were brands in existence. But virtually none of them were United States based brands. A brand is something with an identity that serves a purpose to consumers whether it be a hotel, food product, or pharmaceuticals.

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1 Response to Tazo tea

  1. paul says:

    is it possible for a big brand to retain socially conscious values? what happens … what is a ‘brand’ … did we have them 200 yrs ago?

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