Food Documentaries

In order to supplement my plan I have been watching a food documentary whenever I have free time. So far I have seen Food Matters, Food Inc., Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World, Killer at Large: Why Obesity is America’s Greatest Threat, The Beautiful Truth,The Future of Food, and King Corn. I give all of these documentaries a high rating. Food Matters shows the connection between food and illness and also the connection between food and healing. The documentary also educated me on how raw food is beneficial for a person’s everyday diet. I learned that when your body digests cooked food it is almost fighting it, but this is not so with a raw food. Genetically modified foods are discussed in this documentary and the health consequences of eating them. Food Inc. and all of its horror-film like music is a great movie to scare your average person out of eating fast food and conventional fruits and vegetables. I like the documentary overall and the scare-tactics that it uses. Yet scare-tactics do not work for everyone. My brother happily ate a McDonalds “Big Mac” after watching Food Inc. This is the most popular food film right now. Last year in my Environmental Science class we watched it while having an organic food tasting at the end of the year. It is a good choice for teachers to show their students to begin the education on genetically modified foods and factory farming. The Killer at Large documentary relates cancer to obesity. Many United States citizens are obese, and many of us have cancer, so this is a valid point. It even goes on to say that any terrorist attack is not as detrimental as the food business has been to United States citizens. Plastic surgery options are also explored in the film. A teen is documented getting plastic surgery once to rid her body of fat, and then another time after she gains the fat back. This proves that surgery is not the best solution. Healthy eating and exercise is the common sense approach.  The Beautiful Truth is a “heart-warming” documentary featuring a young teenage boy investigating the Gerson therapy. Brief talk of big companies such as Monsanto and Syngenta is featured in the film. The Gerson therapy is shown as monumental to all other cancer treatments. But it is severely criticized by many as a hoax. However, in the film many people speak out saying how it cured them of cancer. I enjoyed this documentary and after I watched it I watched “The Big C”. Last night’s episode actually briefly eludes to the Gerson therapy by talking about coffee enemas. The Future of Food is a documentary about the harms and controversies of genetically modified foods. I believe that it would be a beneficial film to be shown in schools to educate students about genetically modified foods, since the majority of us are oblivious to them. Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World is about the artificial sweetener aspartame, how it was approved by the FDA, and the illnesses that are caused by it. I found it horrifying, as is probably expected, and immediately told all of my friends and family about how diet drinks and chewing gum contain this harmful sweetener. King Corn is about two friends who plant an acre of corn in Iowa, the state which grows the most corn. They find out how much corn is in our bodies and the potential harms of all of this corn. The film goes through a year with them buying and growing the crop, and shows the very small amount of money that they make. Farmers do not make nearly enough money. I recommend all of these documentaries to anyone who would like to expand their knowledge of the FDA, our governments role in the food business, the evils in the food business, genetically modified foods, and chemicals in our food.

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