Stonyfield yogurt and Preserve toothbrushes

Last year I bought my Preserve brand toothbrush, a toothbrush which is made from Stonyfield’s recycled yogurt cups. Preserve also has tableware and things for the kitchen. The plastic that they use requires less water, oil,coal,natural gas, electricity and produces less greenhouse gases when compared to virgin polypropylene. I like my toothbrush- the curved handle is good for getting to the hard to reach places, and it requires no batteries- which saves me money. As for the yogurt- I do like Stonyfield yogurt. I love how I can enter in the codes from the lids online to earn free things such as organic frozen fruit, raviolis, more Stonyfield yogurt,and chocolate. That does give me incentive to buy their products, however I wonder… could I not just write down codes in the store and not buy the yogurt? That would be wrong, but I could do it if I wanted to. Stonyfield is a very big company, but they work to be environmentally friendly. They recycle with Preserve, make charitable donations (ten percent of profits) to the Profits for the Planet organization, donate waste yogurt to farmers who feed it to their pigs, have a public map of their carbon footprint, and use sustainable packaging. Being an organic company also makes them more “green” since they are not using antibiotics, synthetic growth hormones, or pesticides. They do not stop there. They continue to try to improve the company to make it more environmentally friendly by reducing transportation, decreasing trash, and increasing recycling. As for the final product, I have found that with some flavors the yogurt is “smoother” than others where I find little chunks- which I do not like. Today I tried the Key Lime flavor for the first time and it was very smooth but had an almost cleaner like taste. I still liked it though. Maybe the flavors with the fruit on the bottom or chocolate on the bottom are the ones that turn out less smooth for whatever reason. Not on subject but- The Immaculate Baking Company’s chocolate chunk cookie received the “Best Chocolate Chip” award from Rachael Ray’s magazine! I agree- it is one of the best pre-made cookie doughs available.

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