I found another organic drink at Whole Foods and…

It tastes like White Zinfandel.. faintly.  It has a beer like effervesence which is naturally occuring. Which I do not like. But it is supposed to be very healthy. It’s called Synerg- organic and raw- Cosmic Cranberry. It is a kombucha drink. “Kombucha is a handmade Chinese tea that is delicately cultured for 30 days. During this time, essential nutrients form like: Active Enzymes, Viable Probiotics, Amino Acids, Antioxidants, and Polyphenols. All of these combine to create an elixir that immediately works with the body to restore balance and vitality. The ingredients are organic raw kombucha and pure unsweetened cranberry juice. Why not organic cranberry juice? It does exist. I guses because the company knows it can get away with it since they use 95% organic kombucha. The USDA allows five percent of non-organic ingredients in organic products. Cranberrys however, are probably not the best ingredient to have not be organic. The process of harvesting cranberries is very water intensive and the pesticides farmers use just run off into streams when they flood the cranberry field. But this drink has one BILLION Lactobacillus Bacterium and S. Boulardi organisms. That sounds like a lot! Lactobacillus bacteria increases acidity in the large intestine which helps destroy undesirable bacteria. It can also help reduce flatulence… wow!  S. Boulardii on the other hand causes flatulence… so this seems sort of counterproductive. But it is a probiotic which is still good for the digestive system. According to the LiveStrong site the side effects of S. Boulardii are : Abdominal swelling, bloating, constipation, fever, flatulence, fungemia (fungal infection disseminated through the bloodstream), generalized skin eruptions, increase or decrease in blood pressure, increased thirst, itching, Quincke’s edema (the rapid swelling of the skin, mucosa and submucosal tissues, also known as angioedema), respiratory insufficiency, sepsis, septic shock, urticaria (hives), white blood cell count increase. So I am unsure of why Synergy would include it in the drink, possibly it is required to ferment the tea. This particular drink actually went through a recall because of alcohol levels in the drink (I bought this at Whole Foods legally). I see nothing on the label about alcohol levels. But soon it will be off of shelves according to MindBodyGreen.com. It will only be for sale in grocery stores which sell alcohol. It has above .5% alcohol, and legally beverages with above that percent must have a government warning on them, which as of now this does not. I searched the label for a warning or just a percent and found nothing. Celebrities like Lindsay Lohen have been seen drinking Synergy so that has increased it’s popularity.

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