Purity Organic Fruit

I have been buying the Purity organic brand pomegranates every week this year. I love them! They are only available from September to December. Purity Organic’s fruit company is called Pacific Organic but the sticker on the actual fruit says Purity. Ten percent of their dividends is given back to the organic community and they indicate this as being the organic farmers. The company uses PET1 because it is easily recycled and lighter than glass making it easier to transport. It is recycled into materials for carpet and other plastic goods. The fruit comes from parts of Latin America and areas of the western United States. The pomegranate comes from the United States. According to Andy Nelson of “The Packer” Purity Organic increased it’s pomegranate volumes ten times this year. They planned to sell over 100,000 boxes of the pomegranates. They happen to be the largest producer of organic pomegranates. Now the company is also selling the loose pomegranate seeds as well.

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