Organic orange sherbet

Last night I made an organic orange sherbet. I used Uncle Matts organic calcium fortified orange juice, Whole Foods brand organic sugar, Whole Foods brand organic lemon juice,  and Organic Valley whole milk. Uncle Matts orange juice is a blend of organic Hamlin oranges which have a high vitamin c content, and Valencia oranges which have a sweet juice. All oranges come from growers in the United States. Peel oil or flavoring is not added to the juice, instead the farmers harvest the juice at the correct time for maximum flavor and low acidity. Not only is it organic certified but it is also Kosher certified. This means that a rabbi must oversee the equipment and processes of making the juice to make sure that it is sanitary and Kosher. The PET 1 plastic that they use for the containers is Bisphenol A free and easily recyclable. Bisphenol A can increase obesity, effect fetal brain development, and can increase breast cancer risk. I have used Organic Valley butter before and am now using their whole milk. It has a decent sell-by date and does not seem as corrupt as Horizon Organic.

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